About Us

The Cooptones were born in a basement in Northern Virginia in 1995 from an experimental combination of earl grey tea, whiskey, wood and wire. They electrified the product through Rodriguez guitars and vacuum tubes, and found that they had stumbled upon something interesting. After many years of starts and stops, and 600 miles of distance between them, they finally cobbled together some tunes that they felt to be worthy of the internet. The Cooptones are David Cooper and Andy Hudson. 

More About Us

Who The Heck Are These Guys?


David keeps us organized and our sound tight. He’s the mix master at the sound board and a wizard on the guitar. He’s also a fantastic drummer. David is from Northern Virginia.


Andy is still under construction. Typical.


We occasionally collaborate with other folks. Most recently we worked with Seattle based artist Ben Haley (aka The Floppy Guy) on a film project.